Daily maintenance and cleaning of beauty bed

2019-12-04 16:23:06

As for many businesses now, when the beauty bed is old, it needs to face the state of losing. However, the price of a set of beauty bed is not cheap, and the continuous purchase of new beauty bed is not a complete solution to the problem, so insisting on the corresponding basic cleaning and daily maintenance for the beauty bed can help us to better reduce the later operation cost. If you want to make the bed more comfortable to use on the top in the later stage, and give customers better experience, then sticking to the root cleaning and daily maintenance can make the appearance of the bed more beautiful and durable, and then let customers walk into the beauty shop can also have a more comfortable and clean body.

First of all, clean the dust on the appearance of the beauty bed, no matter whether it is a leather beauty bed or a cloth beauty bed, it will meet different guests every day, and then present a variety of dirt and dust. At this time, we suggest that we beat with dry towel first to remove the floating dust on the surface. Then wipe and clean with warm wet towel, remember not to use brush, so as to simply damage fabric and texture on leather.


Secondly, try to reduce the wear and tear of the beauty bed. Know that the beauty shop will accept more or less customers every day. If you want to reduce the wear and tear of the beauty bed at this time, you can choose some bed cloth or cushions, which can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the beauty bed. We advocate that the mattress or the bed cloth be replaced at one time, so that the beauty experience brought to the customers will be more excellent, so that the customers can take care of it Customers feel that the operation of the beauty shop is more regular.

Regular vacuuming is also very important for the beauty bed. Although the beating of towel can solve the floating dust on the surface, the relatively hidden dust still exists. So we suggest that when we clean and manage the beauty bed, we should vacuuming once a week regularly, so as to avoid dust damaging the interior of the beauty bed and make the appearance of the beauty bed adhere to a bright effect.

If the cloth beauty bed or velvet beauty bed is stained with dust due to carelessness, we suggest that we choose the detergent or dry cleaner that meets the specifications on the market at this time. Wipe from the outside of the dirt, and do not use a large amount of water, which simply causes the beauty bed to get damp, and then there is deformation or mildew.

Article source: beauty bed manufacturer


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