Material and function of massage bed

2019-12-04 16:23:06

Mattress material: the soft and hard sponges are usually used in the upholstery of the mattress to ensure a certain degree of comfort, but also to ensure that the bed is not deformed and highly elastic. At present, some new high-end electric beauty bed brands, such as zhuorei, have begun to use super soft thick silk sponge and water pad, which can be more close to different body shapes, reduce the pressure of the guests' joints and muscles, and let the guests' bodies enter a completely relaxed state.


Spine correction: through the spine, through finger pressure, massage, traction and orderly grooming, and quickly convey the heat in the depth of the body, at the same time, combined with the role of light and heat, light and chemical, soften the arrangement, traction and correction of the spine. According to western medicine, in the long-term working days, because of the harm of bad working methods to the human spine, the spine is skewed and displaced, and then the arrangement of spinal nerves is squeezed to different degrees, which destroys the normal working function of nerves, reduces the adjustment ability of nerve arrangement to the physiological function of the five Zang Fu organs in the human body, and then forms the human immune system The decline of epidemic power eventually leads to the occurrence of various diseases of the body.

Article source: massage bed manufacturer

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